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It's Hatori.

I'm from Japan. I'm in Singapore. I just want to go home, To where you are. I miss you, Little Yusa.

My Music Speaks For Me.

Voice My Music.

Leaving Too Soon


And Thank You...

Designer: LorMee

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can't you say something.
The sky looks blue.
So does our school skirt you don't need to look that far.
That's nice... my bag is blue too
... I don't care.
once again you have no life.
Yes Danna... how's your maths revision today?
I feel like vomiting blood.
It's not that bad... Least you do understand a little with Kim's help.
I still feel like vomiting blood...
It's Easter's week... I'll get you some chocolate...
Ya you better
Yes I will...
8 bars... You owe me 8 fucking bars
Yes Danna... Cookies 'n' cream, Hershey's...
Ya you better
Mmhmm.... ... ... ...

Done by: Karin in bold and Rain

I'll make something up because Danna want's me to do it... So Yup... Rain here anyway... Chocolate... I can only think of chocolate... I'm sorry... It's Easter... I know!!!


tomorrow is the 15th so I'm wishing you both earlier... Soon the both of you would receive my letter... That's the only thing I can do for this month... I've been busy with homework... I'm so sorry... Yup... Okay... I can't think anymore thanks to Danna and Kim for polluting my mind on the phone with Jonny... Okay... I'll stop here. Yup...


2:18 AM

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello everyone!!
It's been a long time since i've posted.
I've been busy for a long time, especially with White Day and Recordings :)
Thank you once again PsychoSomatic for sending me the tracks on time. The completed version will be returned to each of you in time..
Flowers!! Everywhere. They decorated the corridors and scented the hall. every room received an iris for White Day, with concise instructions from Yayoi. Thank you for... um. The manly decorations. No offence :) I liked the flowers.
TSUBAKI!! (I believe i might be high.)

Don't be afraid... Afraid...

6:47 AM

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Greetings from
Well, we're here now... in my room.
Which is HUGE.
It is not.
It IS!!
... Whatever suits you.
I met Yoi koi's parents yesterday!!!
Thankfully, it seems homosexuality runs in our veins.
I think they like me :D
... No kidding, genius.
They gave me a car!!
They gave US a car.
Same thing. Cause you're not going to use it anyway.
... touche.
Ok, well, Yoi koi's sister is adorably...
... Annoying.
Well, i'm sorry. She is.
She's fine. She's just a little...
No, she's
GOD, she's just DAMN IRRITATING, ok?!!?
That's because she's straight.
Just cause she's Hetero she can hate my guts!?!
Of course not! Where did you get the idea she hated you?!
Oh, i don't know... when she threw her freakin' DINNER at me!?!?
It was an accident.
Oh wow, an accident when a plate of sushi flies DIRECTLY into my face.
And also, the baseball just HAPPENS to hit...
... Nevermind.
Well... you get an idea how it's going over here.
Cheer up. We'll drive around tomorrow.
Mm. That's about it, people.

5:03 AM

Friday, February 13, 2009

Start of Years had ended not long ago.
Cosplaying, as we all know, originated from Japan. Dressing up as one of your favourite characters.
Don't be surprised. i haven't gone as far as to cosplay myself, but i have friends who spend tons of money and lots of time on this, and sometimes they even get paid for it. Not all of the pictures below feature people i know, but some do. And sometimes, in the past, i would be asked along to a photoshoot. The most vivid one i could remember was a Deathnote one, and a Final Fantasy one as well.

Yuna from Final Fantasy!! This wasn't the shoot i had gone to, though, so i didn't know this person. But she is very pretty, i suppose. But Yuna's hair was better when it was shorter.

Asakura Midoru was my friend in Grade school ^^ isn't she pretty up there?

This should be Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter. Those contacts must have cost a bomb. The detailing in them is very fine and precise.

This was where Karin got her images for the drawing she gave me, so we know who these 2 are!! Our very own Hisagi and Yayoi used to be professional cosplayers. Hisagi hates this picture because he says he looks too girly =D Yayoi loves it for the same reason.
The picture was taken about 2 years ago, so they look very different now. Both grew taller, Yayoi's slightly taller, and his hair is long, down to midback. Hisagi's hair is the same colour, but slightly grown out.

Haha!! Hikaru from Hikaru No Go.

This shot reminded me of the bassist in NaNa, the movie. In one of the scenes, he was wearing something similar. But the Bassist's, Shin's, that is, hair colour was silver.

The Code Geass cosplay was Amazing. The entire thread ran for a month and a half!! And his contact lenses are emerald green, one of the colours i don't have. (Yet.)

Chi. The picture of innocence.

This guy was one of my friends in middle school.

This guy, too. both were major fans of this anime, I'll/Crazy Kouzu Basketball Team.

And the Ever classic FMA cosplayers. This is, obviously, Winry Rockbell.

My favourite Riza Hawkeye Cosplay. She was my classmate for a year. Then she migrated, sadly. Not sure where, but the photographers are amazing.

And, of course, Edward Elric.

Pictures of Sasuke Uchiha, as always. A very widely played character.

I like this Yondaime picture the best.

L in one of his screen shot-phases. Heh.

Light Yagami looks like he has orange hair with this lighting. I know this guy, he's still in my school now. (Hohoho.) His name?? Not telling.

Same as the person above.

7:05 AM

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Not that it's really so great... I've realised how much Kea hates the weather here... ==" He couldn't stop talking about how ****ing hot it was ==" When he was talking, that is...
but then again, the climate is extremely different from that in France.
No blaming him or Nate, i guess ^^
We're going to RECORD!!!
On Saturday ^^ I can't wait!!
Earth Angel [Death Cab For Cutie], I Hate Everything About You [3 Days Grace], Never Too Late [3 Days Grace], Tainted Love [Marilyn Manson] and I Hope You Dance [Lee Ann Womack]. If we have the time, All Out Of Love [Air Supply].
-Earth Angel: Everyone will be singing on record, with the instrumental recorded before hand.
-I Hate Everything About You: Everyone will be at their usual positions. I and Kea on vocals.
-Never Too Late: I and Ian on vocals, and the usual positions.
-Tainted love: Prerecorded vocals of Kea, the rest of us on instrumentals.
-I Hope You Dance: I and Nate on vocals, usual positions.
-All Out Of Love (optional): All on vocals, prerecorded instrumentals.

YES!!! I know, Kea has mastered the insane beats for Tainted Love. Plus, he managed to send me his track (AMAZINGLY) on time.
[Kea: THANKS.]
We've done Welcome To The Black Parade and I Miss You via the sound mixer program in our school's Digital Media club ^^ I can't believe it!! Thanks to Psycho Somatic!! Sending in your tracks on time really made everything so much easier!!
It's good we're all together... we need to record a few good songs to complete our 4th album before you 2 go back to France, Paris!! I swear, i'll treat everyone to a nice dinner, since Saturday is, after all, Valentine's day?
Oh, those 2 are going off on their own, so Raiga will be joining us ^^ just for the afternoon, he has something on in the morning and night. Besides, SJS policy states we shouldn't actually be going out, but hey. whatever. And besides, Yayoi and Hisagi are doing it. In fact, i'm a student council member, and i'm doing it!! Mustn't matter too much, then ^^

No need to go out tomorrow!! It's fine if we just go for a movie or something, really. Birthdays aren't all that important, they're just another day of 365. I'll be meeting everyone at the MRT station, and Kea will pick us up.
Ha ha ha.
You'll get cheered up... just barely.

I've heard about that, though.
I'm so sorry, Kea kun.
But he'll get out sooner if he behaves, which is something i'm sure Jonny kun is capable of.

Every Room made kept Awake,
By Every Silent Scream We Make.

12:06 AM

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines Day is Nearing.
I never knew what a big thing this was for girls. Everyone in our school is kicking up a huge fuss about this. Generally, all the guys are together on one thing: we feel it's kind of a waste of time. But alright, if it's really important to all girls, we'll just go along with it and try our best to smile while mobbed.
It is, after all, only one day in the entire year which is a day dedicated to, erm, love. (? the motive is now questionable.) I know for a fact that prices of chocolates and roses go up in singapore on this day. What a way to make money. Yayoi's family must be having a field day with their Ikebana business. I know he's having a field day coming up with the Valentino Flower Arrangement for our school. And planning ahead (WAY, WAY ahead) for the White Day Celebration, which is, apparantly, the big day for *AHEM* manly guys like us. (==") Honestly...

I heard you lost the debate, Karin san, Kim san.
Don't feel too bad, there'll be 2 more chances, right? And this time there wasn't any real challenge anyway, stylistically. Temasek can't debate at all. The videos on the internet are appalling.
Besides, the Chief Adjudicator went with your side of the house, and awarded one of you best speaker, right? That means you did something right. That's a good thing, and the other 2 judges just have noodles for brains. Don't worry about them. You're convincing the right person.

(I know what you're thinking right now, Karin san. "Stop trying to psycho-analize me, you dumass, i'm not falling for it.")
I swear i'm not trying to cheer you up. I had a video of one of your debates viewed, you're comparable to schools who were better. It's just a pity that your policy wasn't followed up on. And you shouldn't read from your speech. That's one of the things that was extremely noticable about your speech. Other than that, you and the rest of your team did very well.
Just note all the things you've done wrong and remedy them in your next debate, and note all the things you've done right and capitalize on them as well. You'll do great.

Mitsukake sempai, I KNOW you're coming on my blog. Don't lie to me. Tag it!! Sheesh. Just a hello, come on. We see each other everyday in school. You too, Asaki san!! Or i won't tutor you in Maths!! (Just kidding. Don't worry =)
More studying with Yayoi ensues!!
Only that tonight, it's going to be on the roof, with lots of wind, so we're going to have to bring our jackets and some hot SAKE. (yesssssssssssssssss.) Hisagi and Raiga are going to join us once they're done helping Wakako san and Narumi kun with with their group assignment. And they'll bring up their literature texts so we can study those because THEY need tutoring in it. For now, time for some serious World History!!
(I need to figure out why on earth i'm so excited.)

Are you the one for me?
What if i said those magic words,
Would I subject myself to your pity?
Don't give me your pity.
I only want you to love me.
My past is my burden.
Not a reason for tainted love.

The Catalark
Climb aboard sapphire wings
And we shall travel to where the Catalark sings.
Hear their familiar tunes from when we met:
- Dreams and past lives,
- Bleeding tears and sleepless nights.
Recall the time when the Catalark swam
And all our memories together began.
Watch as the Catalark sails through the sky
And misting water as it dives.
Kiss my lips
And fade too deep;
Into the clouds,
And into sleep.
Taste the frost of the Catalark's breath
As it sings about life after death.
Touch the sun
And lick the sky,
Don't look back
Or wonder why.
Caress my face one last time
As the Catalark's clock ticks away nine.

5:29 AM

Friday, February 6, 2009


2 days ago, we had PE.
Firstly, i'd like to express how Hisagi kun's aiming was very much not directed at Yuki's face, it just HAPPENED to hit her on purpose by accident.
Either way, I haven't blogged for quite awhile... i guess it's more of a i'm extremely busy kind of thing. There has been countless projects since the start of the semester, and tests, too. I have to study for Physics soon.
Well, Yayoi and Hisagi are all the school's been about these few days. It's somewhat akin to a scandal ==" They've never let anyone on about them being together, and since Yayoi's the level president and Hisagi's in the council with him, lots of speculations have occured about what goes on behind closed doors.
Some of which aren't completely untrue...
Which isn't the point.
Either way, since it's all out, i'll tell you something about both of them. They're what Karin san calls "interesting". And i have t say, they are, in a corrupted, double sided kind of way. I've been told that when they're with others, Hisagi's generally more commanding and demanding. But when they're in private, the opposite seems to ensue. Heh. If you know what i mean. (It's an inside joke ==")

Yayoi's actually a distant relative of a royal. (It sounds ridiculous, but it's true.) If you trace all the way back to ancient Japanese history, he's a direct decendant. His mother was of the royal bloodline. Yayoi's family consists of his 2 mothers, an older brother and 2 younger sisters, all of whom are adopted. (Yayoi is ok with letting people know about him as long as they don't talk about it when he isn't around.) He loves his family very much.
Yayoi's family specialises in Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. His mothers and sisters have practise in this field (forgive the terrible pun...), and from time to time, Yayoi helps the school spruce up its festivities with flower arrangements according to the season. His older brother is a doctor who specialises in cardiac arrest and organ transplant operations and Yayoi hopes to be a literature scholar in future. He holds the highest grades in the whole school, followed by me and another student named Ochiai in third.
Hisagi's father is the brother of one of the Japanese team football players. (Not saying which one.) His family specialises in sports, and consists of his mother, his father, and 3 brothers, one younger in grade school, and 2 older, one in Uni and the other working and married.
Hisagi can play any sort of sport except ice hockey, water polo and sports of a gymnastic theme, like (HAHAHAHAHAHA) ribbonic gymnastics.
Hisagi was, 3 times in a row for the previous sports days, deemed the most fit and sporting.
He also specialises in Akido, Kendo, Karate, Judo, and his best skill, Hokuto Shinken. This may be described as destructive accupuncture, whereby a person's vital points are accurately stabbed in order for the nevous system in part of the persn's body to cease functioning, thereby paralysing part of his or her body. Well, that was a little o
n the sempais. Yesterday was friday, wasn't it? They had soccer practise yesterday, Raiga and Hisagi. They were still juniors in terms of age, but Hisagi is the team captain, and Raiga is the vice. Me and Yayoi had been studying some on the roof and were tired, so we went down to get some drinks (HORLICKS for me, NesCafe for him) and managed to catch some of their practise.
Somehow, one of the older seniors who had to repeat a year started picking on Hisagi. He started
making fun of his gender preferences, and after about 5 minutes of no reaction, switched to making fun of Yayoi. A couple of seniors who didn't like a younger team captain joined in. The moment they started on Yayoi sempai and his parents, i saw Yayoi's face get angry and Hisagi directed a kick at the largest guy's gut.
Immediately, all three of the seniors started in on Hisagi, and when Raiga tried to help, one held him back. Hisagi received a cut on the side of his head and he sprained his wrist. He yelled with pain, and Yayoi grabbed a rake from the shed beside us and went down to the field. I tried, but
failed, to stop him. (Yayoi gets this black mood thing when he's angry, and then you just feel like... staying away.)
He broke off the metal part with the flat of his foot and taped the 2 guys holding Hisagi on their shoulders with the wooden stick.
Yayoi: "Let go of him."
To which, of course, they didn't respond. Which left Yayoi to hurt them with his makeshift kendo sword. Hisagi was attended to by Raiga, who, with some of my help, managed to throw the guy holding him back off, and was currently groaning in a near comatose state.
Then Yayoi jabbed his stick at the neck of the guy who first started it and he adopted a mad grin in his eye.
Me: H... hey... This isn't good.
Raiga: Are we going to run or not?
Hisagi: No way. This is better than Bleach!!
Raiga: You still watch Bleach?
Me: What's wrong with watching Bleach?
Hisagi: Hey, shut up!!
Now, before i go on, everyone has to understand the nature of Yayoi's upbringing. (Which he only dared to share with us when he was really, REALLY drunk. His alchohol max intake is surprisingly low.) When Yayoi was 10, He and his brother had a wide age gap, so even by then, his Brother was already working. Yayoi's childhood games consisted of educational biology games, where he was taught precisely where each organ was located, and where to cut in order to conduct a operational transplant. (If he was lucky, he'd get to play with his brother's Scalpel. Heh. Again, inside joke.) A freaky but interesting childhood, the kind which would result in a person like Yayoi.
So now, when Yayoi pulled out a PERMANENT black marker from his pocket and uncapped it, we all kind of had this small chill running up our spine. It was like the temperature dropped some 80 degrees.
Yayoi tilted his head as though considering something, and said,
"Now, where should we dissect?"
The guy started yelling at him to shut up and hurling abuse at everyone. Yayoi jabbed his neck sharply and he went into a coughing fit, which escalated at Yayoi stepped on his stomach. He glanced at Hisagi, who was yawning, and smiled at the person under his foot.
Yayoi: What did you call me before? A Gay? Well put then.
He began writing something on the guys chest, which all 3 of us bystanders nosily leant in to read.
Raiga: I... Got...
Me: Owned... By...
Hisagi: A... Gay.
Me: ...
Raiga and Hisagi: PFFT............... HAHAHAHAHAHA
And as Yayoi, smirking, left his and Hisagi's initials below the clear, double lined message, the sky turned orange and we made plans for dinner.

Attention Attention,
May i have all your eyes and ears,
To the front of the room,
If only...
If only for one second...

6:33 PM